First Time & Basic Cleaning
(scheduled visits:daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
Basic Cleaning


•Clean and disinfect counter tops
•Clean kitchen table
•Clean small appliances
•Clean microwave in and outside
•Clean appliance surfaces
•Clean stove top and front
•Clean and disinfect kitchen sink
•Spot-clean walls over sink and stove
•Vacuum and wash floor

•Change towels (upon request)
•Wash tiles, bathtub, and showers
•Clean and disinfect toilet in/outside
•Clean and disinfect sink
•Polish mirrors and wipe off shelves
•Wash floors

Living Room
•Dust and polish furniture
•Dust ledges and blinds
•Vacuum floors, carpets
•Mop floors
•Clean television glass (only regular TV, NO Plasma, LCD)


•Make bed, (Linen change $5.00 ea.)
•Dust and polish furniture
•Clean mirrors in the house
•Clean television glass (only regular TV NO Plasma, LCD)
•Dust blinds,
•Vacuum and/or mop floors

*For sanitary reasons our technicians use your vacuum
*Areas must be accessible for cleaning.*
**Heavy soiled, cluttered areas and Pets may be subject to additional fees
**Less Than 24 hours cancellation notice is subject to fees


Include All Basic Cleaning
Additional Service (Fees Apply)
 + Baseboards, Windowsills, Ceiling Fans, Cabinets Outside.

Additional rooms $10-$15
Bathrooms $15 / Shower $10-$15
Dishes ( hand wash) $10-$20
Windows $7.00 ea. & up (depending on type of window)
Doors $5.00 ea & up.
Refrigerator $25
Oven $15

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